Steering Rack Relocation Mod

As I started to make some progress on the hatch this year I came across the first issue that I wanted to address, relocating the steering rack on the front subframe. I had been running a stock subframe along with the Parts Shop Max solid eccentric rack spacers. They did help with positioning the steering rack a bit forward but nowhere near what the new Parts Shop Max knuckles required.

I did my best to cut across the center holes that guide you when removing the 20mm of material to move the steering rack forward. It seems like a difficult task at first but once you get over the fear of messing up it really is quite simple. Here you can see the fit up and how nice the brackets line after doing all the cutting.

Here you can see just how much the steering rack is repositioned. This allows for the steering rack to be in line with where the tie rods are in relation to the knuckle and it helps correct any steering issues and binding that could exist during full lock.

Just some shots of my welds during this project. They are all MIG welds done by stacking spot welds in series. It’s a new technique I have been trying and I really like the finished product and look of the welds.


Here is the final result of the steering rack relocation mod to the subframe and I was very pleased with the quality of work that I did. My welding was acceptable and I have full confidence that this will hold up for many years. I would like to give a shout out to my good friend Chad for guiding me through this process and giving me great tips for taking on this project.