Aerocatch Hood Latch Install

For this much needed upgrade I started off by removing the carbon hood and getting rid of the old and broken "Bride" Aerocatch style hood latches. I've never been sure if these were legit Bride parts but regardless I went ahead and bought real deal Aerocatch hood latches.

Once the hood was off I got to removing all the old hardware in order to make room for the new hood pins. As you can see the way the previous hood pins were installed made me cringe every time I seen the way the previous owner went about installing them.

No attention to detail whatsoever.

I'm not perfect by any means but I try to be as detailed as possible when working on my car. Having that steady hand and detailed touch really does shine through your work when everything is completed. I did my best to cut out the underside of the hood and make room for the Aerocatch hood latches. As you can see Aerocatch now includes this underside trim ring that houses all the nuts that are required to mount the latch itself. It's quite handy and makes for a worry free installation. 

Here is the final product installed on the carbon hood. I love the way the latches are installed now and let me tell you... the way they operate is buttery smooth. Nothing beats quality parts and this just goes to show that if you buy quality parts from quality companies you avoid doing things twice. Do it once, do it right.

Special thanks to Aerocatch for the quality parts, it's companies like yours that set the standard for quality in the automotive industry. Also, special shout out to FRSports for always having everything I need in stock and always at a great price. Check out their websites if you have time, the links are below.