East Bear Mirrors Install

East Bear mirrors were always one of the items that I wanted to get for this build. I knew they would not be easy to come by but in the end they were sourced out locally. A friend of mine, Jonathan (jonathan_240sx) had a clean pair for sale and they were already painted white so I picked them up with no hesitation. 


First thing do do was to remove the OEM s13 mirrors. Although they worked perfectly fine they lacked in the style department so they had to go in order to make room for the East Bear mirrors.

The door panels and the mirror covers on the inside had to be removed in order to access the bolts. It's not a difficult process by any means but you have to be careful to not brake any of the 20+ year old plastic clips. Patience is key. 

Here is how the East Bear mirrors looked installed on the coupe. The whites were a bit different but not enough for me to go crazy about them not matching. It turned out to look just like I had imagined and I was very pleased with how all the aero bits were combining together so far.

One final shot of how the mirrors line up with the Supermade fender extension. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the progress on the builds. I appreciate every single one of you that take time out of your day to visit murder-factory.com

Stay tuned.

Aerocatch Hood Latch Install

For this much needed upgrade I started off by removing the carbon hood and getting rid of the old and broken "Bride" Aerocatch style hood latches. I've never been sure if these were legit Bride parts but regardless I went ahead and bought real deal Aerocatch hood latches.

Once the hood was off I got to removing all the old hardware in order to make room for the new hood pins. As you can see the way the previous hood pins were installed made me cringe every time I seen the way the previous owner went about installing them.

No attention to detail whatsoever.

I'm not perfect by any means but I try to be as detailed as possible when working on my car. Having that steady hand and detailed touch really does shine through your work when everything is completed. I did my best to cut out the underside of the hood and make room for the Aerocatch hood latches. As you can see Aerocatch now includes this underside trim ring that houses all the nuts that are required to mount the latch itself. It's quite handy and makes for a worry free installation. 

Here is the final product installed on the carbon hood. I love the way the latches are installed now and let me tell you... the way they operate is buttery smooth. Nothing beats quality parts and this just goes to show that if you buy quality parts from quality companies you avoid doing things twice. Do it once, do it right.

Special thanks to Aerocatch for the quality parts, it's companies like yours that set the standard for quality in the automotive industry. Also, special shout out to FRSports for always having everything I need in stock and always at a great price. Check out their websites if you have time, the links are below.



Preparing For The Teardown

Hello everyone, first off I'll give you the bad news. The car has been leaking coolant all over the place. It's had bad freeze plugs throughout the motor and it has been a constant issue throughout ever since I bought this motor used. I'm guessing the previous owners would top off the engine with water instead of coolant and as a result the old 20 year old steel freeze plugs finally rusted out. It's a mess, trust me no one would ever want to do this but it must be done. So now I am going around replacing all the old plugs with brass replacements. It sucks doing all this work just so that your car can run but at the end of the day just driving my car gives me joy so I will just man up and do it.

Step one required me to move the car into the garage so that I could get it on jack stands and prepare to pull off all the body parts and later on the transmission.

I took off as much of the body kit as I could because I plan on repairing some of the Rocket Bunny sections before they go back on and I also need to make a rear bash bar before my next event. It's scary drifting with no rear bash bar. You just never know when things can go bad and if that ever happens I want to be prepared, that way the amount of damage caused remains minimal.

This is how the car looked with side skirts and rear over fenders removed. That reminds me, I still need to revisit the modification/fabrication I did when cutting the quarter panels. I need to figure out a way seal inside the wheel well so that water keeps from getting into the trunk.

This is what the car looked like once it was all up in the air and ready for surgery. I try to keep my work area as clean as possible simply because I have noticed that the cleaner your workspace is the more inviting and faster you can get things done. Having an area like this makes you want to work on your car. No matter how small your space is, keep it clean and organized and you will soon notice how much more rewarding working on cars actually is.

My trusty ole KA24DE dual cam motor has been so good to me since 2008. Back when I bought at a wrecking yard, it has since been in 2 of my s chassis cars. I feel bad that I let this freeze plug issue slip by me but I know it will all be good soon and the trusty ole KA will run again. Hang in there lil buddy.

So now for the good news... I registered for a drift even that will be taking place on March 6th. That's right around the corner! I will do my best in order to be ready for the event so starting tomorrow it's full steam ahead on working with the car till it's drift ready for the event. Wish me luck. I also want to thank you for stoping by and checking out the progress on my car and hopefully this will be more of many blog post to come. It's been a while since I blogged but now that I have a legitimate web address and a place to document my progress I hope to keep adding updates on a regular bases.

Welcome to Murder Factory

First off I'll start by saying thanks for checking out the new website. I hope to bring constant updates to this site as I progress in my automotive builds. Ultimately, my love for the Nissan 240sx and the satisfaction I get from working on them is something that I know will never stop so I figured I would document my progress and show you what I do along the way. Enjoy your stay.