Rear Bumper Vents

So I decided to make more holes on my car. Most people would cringe at cutting away at a perfectly good hood, bumper, or rear quarter panel but if you know anything about drift cars and their owners then you know that cutting up our cars is just a regular modification for hopefully a cool upgrade. In my case I had seen many Japanese cars run these style of vents and I really liked them so I decided to do it to my bumper as well. Here are some pictures of the process.

Having the bumper off also allowed me to work on fixing the rear bumper sag that I've always had.

Measuring twice and cutting once is always a good rule to follow.

I really like how this looks. Now it's time to go buy some mesh and cover the holes to give it that finished look.

The Winter Haul

The holiday season is right around the corner and I am looking forward to the coming holiday break. The main reason is because I'll be able to spend time with family and friends but also because for the first time in a long while I will finally be able to spend some time in the garage and work on my car. To some that might not seem as something enjoyable but for me it's almost therapeutic. There are many good things coming soon for Murder Factory and I feel really good about the new year. I hope to grow my brand by supplying really good and engaging content and I also really want to start producing some products next year. I am a one man team for now so it's really hard sometimes to keep making regular content updates but that should not be an excuse. I just need to work harder to achieve my goals. Happy holidays to everyone and I hope you are all working on accomplishing your goals as well.

East Bear Mirrors Install

East Bear mirrors were always one of the items that I wanted to get for this build. I knew they would not be easy to come by but in the end they were sourced out locally. A friend of mine, Jonathan (jonathan_240sx) had a clean pair for sale and they were already painted white so I picked them up with no hesitation. 


First thing do do was to remove the OEM s13 mirrors. Although they worked perfectly fine they lacked in the style department so they had to go in order to make room for the East Bear mirrors.

The door panels and the mirror covers on the inside had to be removed in order to access the bolts. It's not a difficult process by any means but you have to be careful to not brake any of the 20+ year old plastic clips. Patience is key. 

Here is how the East Bear mirrors looked installed on the coupe. The whites were a bit different but not enough for me to go crazy about them not matching. It turned out to look just like I had imagined and I was very pleased with how all the aero bits were combining together so far.

One final shot of how the mirrors line up with the Supermade fender extension. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the progress on the builds. I appreciate every single one of you that take time out of your day to visit

Stay tuned.